William Martin - South Carolina

I started using Imperial Whitetail Clover about five years ago and then I started mixing the chicory with it.
Fortunately last season I planted a new two acres of Imperial Clover and one acre of Chicory Plus near a bedding area with a creek splitting the two. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did. The last day of deer season me and my son Hunter walked down to the plot which is about 250 yards from our home with pines blocking the house from the plot. As we approached the plot, I noticed some deer in the plot and next to the creek all I saw was horns coming out of the creek into the clover. Hunter and I (Hunter was four at the time and loves hunting) walked up to the edge of the plot and the buck was less than 60 yards out I told Hunter to cover his hears and I dropped him in his tracks. I kept my eyes on the deer and then looked down for Hunter, but he was gone! I looked up and screamed , “Hunter.” All you could see was the top of his little head bouncing through the clover after the buck. When we got to him I almost started to cry. For South Carolina standards this buck is huge. He grossed 177-2/8 and netted 171-7/8 and has 5-inch bases. He has 5-4/8 circumferences on the base and split G3’s and a total of 15 points. Thank you Whitetail Institute for all the care and technology you use to come up with the best products out there. You guys are making dreams come true. Thanks.