Dr. J.L. Robertson - Maryland

I started to send a couple of pictures of my Imperial Whitetail Clover plots but you know what clover looks like! One plot I just mowed and it doesn’t look very impressive other than the fact that it is in its 8th year of growth.
I had an edge of a CRP field, sprayed with Roundup in the fall, disked, harrowed, broadcast seed and rolled. This is its 8th summer. Next spring I may overseed a little Imperial Whitetail Clover to fill in the two or three thin spots. The other plot that I’m most proud of is in its fifth year. I mowed it for the third time about two weeks ago and it’s now about 12-15 inches tall. Next summer will be its sixth summer and it looks better now than it did early on because of a dry start. Also, a comment on Winter-Greens. I planted a 1-acre strip across this plot last year. It was not unusual to see 20-30 deer in the acre strip. I was afraid they would stomp down my clover plot going to and from the greens. Terrible problem. Photo shows the bottom line. This seven-year old deer grew up in my eight-year-old Imperial Whitetail Clover patch.