Dale Diedrick - Wisconsin

Pure Attraction turns to Fatal Attraction: Steve Reis, a good friend, purchased a piece of property in Shawano County, Wisconsin. The land is known for whitetail and had some great features but lacked a food source to hold deer through-out the year. Steve hired a bulldozer to come in and clear several sites on the property for food plots.
Soil samples were taken, reviewed by the Whitetail Institute and seed selection recommendations were made. Lime and fertilizer were applied and the plots were planted in August. Pure Attraction was planted in the plot where I harvested my deer. We prepared and planted the plots with a Brillion Food Plot Seeder and the hard work by our hunting crew started to show results. The deer were definitely attracted to the plot. When the cooler weather in October and early November came the attraction seemed to get even stronger. Trail camera photos and hunting the plot proved that the deer fed on the plot at all hours of the day. On November 10 I sat on a stand overlooking the plot and was watching several does and fawns in the afternoon when I saw a good buck chasing a doe on the opposite outer edge of the plot. All I could do was hope the doe would enter the food plot and I would have a shot. The big buck wouldn’t let the doe do anything she wanted and they both ran over the ridge as daylight faded. On November 11 I chose to sit on a stand south of the food plot near several active scrapes. I was in the stand well before sunrise and the morning was very exciting. While many bucks were on the move, a close encounter with a mature buck was spoiled when the doe spotted me before the buck was in range. At noon I decided to move closer to the food plot where I saw the big buck the day before. I chose a stand 30 yards north of the plot because of the wind direction and my observation from the prior day. At 3 p.m. I saw a big buck chasing a doe and the doe looked very tired. They circled the food plot and were coming toward me when the doe went into the food plot which was 40 yards from my stand and the buck was close behind but there was no chance for a shot. The doe left the food plot and the buck followed close behind. I thought to myself, it’s just not my day. Daylight was fading, there were a few does and fawns in the food plot when I heard a thrashing of the forest and grunting of a buck coming toward me fast. I knew it was probably the same doe and big buck and this time they were coming down the trail headed to the food plot. I had to react fast, I came to full draw with my Mathews Legacy and the doe went past at 21 yards. When the buck was in the opening. I made a loud grunt with my mouth and the buck stopped in his tracks offering a quartering away shot at 21 yards. When I touched my release and the two blade Rage broad head hit its mark the big buck ran 40 yards into the food plot and I watched him expire. Wow, what a feeling, I knew I had just harvested the biggest buck of my life and it all happened so quickly. I walked up to the buck lying in the middle of the food plot and I couldn’t believe how big and beautiful this animal was. I was so excited, I took a few minutes to enjoy the moment and think about how the doe was determined to get into the food plot of Pure Attraction and how the buck’s attraction to the doe became a fatal attraction for him. Thank you Whitetail Institute for the great product. Also, thanks to our friends at Brillion Iron Works for making a great product in the Brillion Food Plot Seeder. What a time saving piece of equipment. Also special thanks to Steve Reis for letting me fulfill my dream of harvesting a world class whitetail and being a part of a special group of friends all of which have the same dream. To my friends, Steve, Jason, Derrick, Lee and Sara your day is coming. The buck officially scored 169-7/8 inches.