Buster Craddock - Kentucky

We put the Imperial Whitetail Clover in a 5- acre rich river bottom food plot three years ago. We have mowed it two times a year and we spray it with Arrest and Slay herbicides to maintain weed control.
We also use smaller plots located throughout the property. Since doing these things we have seen a noticeable difference in the number of deer and an increasing growth in the size of all bucks we have seen and harvested. On observation trips to the large 5-acre plot during mid summer we regularly observe anywhere from two to 20 deer in the clover plot at one time. On one occasion in July two years ago we videoed 22 deer in the field with the count being nine bucks, four of which we consider shooters and seven mature does and six yearlings. This concerned us. How was the plot going to withstand the pressure of that many deer visiting the plot daily. It was also a dry year as well but as you can see by the enclosed picture it has held up very well. Also enclosed are some photos of two of the deer we have harvested since the food plots have been planted. Prior to planting Imperial Whitetail Clover we killed 110-inch bucks. Since planting we have killed many more bucks, one being a 158-inch bow kill. I’m unable to spend as much time in the woods preparing for deer season and Whitetail Institute products have helped me maximize my time spent plus increased the quality of the deer I hunt.