I have a 900-acre farm exclusively managed for wildlife. It is a 365 day/year obsession/hobby. I have managed my farm for over 10 years. We continue to produce one to two record book bucks every year or two. My kids are at the age of being able to hunt now. Payton is 14 and Nate is 10.
They killed their first bucks this year over Pure Attraction fields (Photo 1). My 12-year-old son, Isaac, killed his second buck over same field (Photo 2). We usually exclusively bowhunt the property but kids and friends’ kids get to shoot these bucks with rifles during appropriate seasons. My brother killed a 164-inch 8-pointer with his bow over an Edge plot (Photo 3) and I shot an 160-inch 10-pointer with my bow that was 7-1/2 years old over a Pure Attraction field (Photo 4). We are able to keep these bucks on our farm with Whitetail Institute products, and we generally wait until they are over 5 years old before we’ll shoot them, unless kids decide otherwise. I truly believe with Whitetail Institute products I can get a buck to 200-plus inches. That is my goal. I’ve enclosed several other photos from the past several seasons of great bucks harvested here.