Wayne Hughes - Georgia

I planted Extreme last fall and this spring it exploded out of the ground with patches over my knees (I’m 6’3”). At the lowest it was over my ankles. I bush hogged it in May to stimulate some new growth and set up a camera.
With a little studying I knew these photos were of the same deer and he’s by far the best buck I’ve seen on our 185-acre farm in more than 20 years. I could only hope to get a shot at him this year. On Friday, Nov. 5, at approximately 8 a.m. I harvested this deer on his way from that plot to a bed. He’ll score roughly 140 inches and is the biggest buck I’ve ever shot. I didn’t expect these kinds of results for several years. This makes me extremely optimistic for the impact this plot will have on the future generations of deer. The amazing thing to me was being able to look at this deer throughout the year and monitor his antler growth. Even better was seeing a buck of this magnitude for the first time in more than 20 years, and even more amazing than that was to be able to take a deer that I felt like I knew. Extreme sure did the trick! Thank you, Whitetail Institute for giving me the tools to make this happen!