Tom Moses - Ohio

We have been using Whitetail Institute products for about eight years. My sons and I have planted old logging trails through our 20 acres and we have an outfitter that has land leased around our property. The outfitter puts out corn, carrots and apples to lure in deer.
We have always used No-Plow on our trails. We rake the trails and cast seed by hand and we have been VERY SATISFIED with the results! Every year we have deer that just walk through and browse down the trails. This year during the last day of Ohio youth deer season my son and I were in a ground blind right off one of the logging trails. After hearing his brother shoot (he was hunting with my brother-in-law), my son, Abe, was excited for his brother but sort of discouraged. After about ten minutes we had a 10-point come right down the trail eating all the way. Abe got into position for a good shot and downed the buck with his muzzleloader. I was the proudest Dad ever! We estimated this buck to be about 150-inches gross and we are hoping it will make the Ohio Big Buck Club. Thank you Whitetail Institute for making a wonderful product and thanks for the great customer service we receive when we call. Good luck in the woods and God bless!