Jeff Gourlie - Michigan

We have 78 acres in the thumb of Michigan. Up until about six years ago, we had been trying to grow food plots using an economy seed mix. The results were disappointing at best with little impact on deer and terrible weed problems. We learned the hard way that the economy seed mix was really a waste of money and time.
When we started using Whitetail Institute products everything changed. Since the areas we planted were sloped and drained well, we chose Alfa- Rack Plus. It grew very well and immediately started attracting deer. My wife, Cindy, noted the increased deer traffic and thought she might like to try deer hunting. She practiced diligently with her 20-gauge shotgun and soon could outshoot my son and me. She has taken a deer each year since. These were does and supplemented our freezer meat nicely. The Alfa-Rack Plus has thrived. The increase in the amount of deer we started seeing from the very first year was tremendous. We have also seen an increase each year in the number of bucks we see both “on camera” and in person. Through fertilization and applications of both Arrest and Slay herbicides we have been able to extend the life of the Alfa-Rack Plus plantings, which are now in their sixth year. Whitetail Institute products have worked very well for us and given me the opportunity to spend some incredible quality time with my wife. I have had the pleasure of sitting next to her each time she has taken a deer. I have found it is just as much fun being the coach as it is actually taking the deer myself. I could not be more proud of her accomplishments.