Gibson Stuart - New York

Last November, my dad and I decided to see if we could go get a deer before the season ended. It was cold and it was raining. We ate breakfast and got our hunting clothes on. We got our guns and set off into the woods. Towards evening we found a good spot where we knew they would be bedded down, behind the Imperial Clover field.
We sat and waited as the rain would just not stop. About 45 minutes went by and still there was nothing. Once in a while we would see a squirrel here and there but that was about it. Just when I thought we wouldn’t see anything, a large doe came walking in through the woods from the clover fields. It looked like she was moving closer but started to veer away so I couldn’t get a good shot off. Just when the doe went out of sight, we heard a stick snap and then we saw a pretty big buck about 60 yards away. He seemed to have lost the doe’s trail and came towards us. I moved the gun up slowly to my shoulder whenever it went behind a tree. 50…40…30 yards. I was shaking everywhere and I could barely keep my one eye closed. Finally, my chance was there. He moved out into a clearing. I put the site on him, slowly pulled the trigger, and BOOM!! He ran off like I didn’t hit him. We sat there for a moment and I started to get worried. Did I hit him or not? My dad reassured me that they can run pretty far even though you hit them right but I still was questioning. After a while, we went over to see where he was standing when I shot him. Sure enough, there was blood and hair everywhere. I started to get tingling sensations in my whole body. I was eager to go and find him. We tracked him using the blood and finally after about 70 yards, there he was. My first deer. My mom was with my sister for hockey at the time so when we got home we decided to make a call. First, my dad told her that we didn’t see very much and that we didn’t have much luck. Then he told her that I had a question. When I had the phone, I asked her, is it okay if we get an 8 point mounted? She was overwhelmed. That was my GREATEST HUNT EVER!