Gary Lapier - Virginia

I watched this buck all summer feeding in my Alfa-Rack Plus food plot. I nicked him 10 days earlier shooting a shotgun off hand from my treestand with rifled slugs at 120 yards. This 11- point buck gave me another chance at redemption.
I had prayed for another chance to get this gorgeous buck and the Good Lord answered my prayers. The rack is awesome with a 20-1/2-inch inside spread and nine-inch G3’s and very heavy bases and he scores around 155 inches. The Alfa-Rack Plus food plot, was a big part of his size because no one in my area has agricultural products growing. I called him the Creature Buck all summer, as I filmed him a few times in the food plot. In fact, I actually, had 10 bucks at the same time feeding this summer in my food plot and you might say that blew my mind as I was filming them. By the way, I only own about 16 acres of land with about four acres open and with my house on that part. Needless to say, I was eagerly looking forward to the start of hunting season to pursue the Creature Buck.