David Wacker - Wisconsin

We are on our third rotation of replanting our three Imperial Whitetail Clover fields. With the proper fertilizing based on our soil tests the fields have stayed productive for an average of six to seven years. This is amazing considering our cold Wisconsin winters and the summer drought the last two years.
When grass invaded we kept it in check with the Arrest herbicide. In addition to the tons of feed for the deer and turkey off the plots we also take off two hay crops a year. The deer have increased in size and numbers. Our only problem is the neighbors line up on our fence line and harvest the deer, making their daily trip to feed on our food plots during our gun season. As a result our best hunting is done during our bow season in September and October. The photo enclosed is of my son with his 140- class, 208-pound buck and is a typical buck we see in our Imperial Whitetail Clover fields.