A Message From Ray Scott Soil Tests Save Money and Time

There is great news for us food plotters. Fertilizer costs are coming down after last year’s skyrocketing prices when we saw even the most basic fertilizers increase as much as 400%. As a consequence many food plotters just didn’t fertilize or cut back on what their fields needed to thrive.
However, in the last few months, some of the fertilizer components have dropped back to levels we saw two years ago and are continuing to fall. In addition, fuel prices, which were sky high last year, have come back down to much more reasonable levels. Both of these obviously present welcome savings for our field testers. But, remember there is another tried and- true way you can save money. And in the long run, it is one of the best cost-cutters you can utilize, anytime, anywhere. And, that is a soil test Doing a soil test is easy and is the only way to get the exact information you need for the specific crop you’re planting or maintaining. It tells you exactly how much lime and fertilizer you need so you don’t waste money and time on unnecessary or inappropriate application of fertilizers. Dr. Wayne Hanna has written an article on page 24 with more detailed information. Give it a read and you’ll see how a soil test can not only save you money but give your food plots the best opportunity to flourish. Your deer and deer hunting will both benefit greatly. The Whitetail Institute offers detailed soil testing services that can be tailored to exactly what you’re planting or maintaining. But, whether you choose the Whitetail Institute or another soil testing facility, having an accurate soil test done will be the most important step you can take whether you’re establishing or maintaining your food plots. Our consultants are standing by to answer any questions you may have about soil testing. If any of the information on your test is unclear, give them a call at 800-688-3030.