Stephen Ehret - Mississippi

This is my second year of hunting. I have moved in the past 3 years from Louisiana to Mississippi. This year I planted food plots with the help of what the locals
thought would be the deer's favorite. I planted 4 food plots — 3 in competitors (mistake) and one in Secret Spot by Whitetail Institute. The one planted in the
Secret Spot was the smallest of the 4 - at the end of an old logging road.

You know what I shot out of the competitive food plots??? You got it. A great big nothing. I live in south Mississippi and I can say I will never ever plant anything
again except for Whitetail Institute products. This deer is an 11 point with an 18 inch spread. It tells me something that when he came to a food plot to refuel himself he came to the smallest of the four which was planted with Secret Spot and passed up the larger competitive food plots. I want to thank the biologists and everyone at The Whitetail Institute for making this possible for me this year and I am definitely sold on Whitetail Institute products and will never buy anything but Whitetail Institute products again. Thanks again for making this
my best year yet. There are many more good years to come.