Don Arbaugh - South Carolina

 I tried many other products, with little success. Then I began planting Whitetail Institute forages about 4 years ago, on our farm in Aiken, SC. After getting the soil right, lime, fertilizer, etc. I was able to produce 2 good 1 acre fields. Now I have 7 good fields of 1/4 to 2 acres planted with No-Plow, Extreme and now Chicory Plus. The picture is of me and my grandson Dillon Arbaugh and 2 four year old bucks. The one I'm holding was before I used Whitetail Institute products and the one Dillon has I killed last December. The difference the Whitetail Institute products made is remarkable and even the neighbors around me have been getting much larger bucks. I'm hoping this opening season will be the year Dillon gets his first buck. Thanks Whitetail Institute and keep up the good work.