Clay Williams - Virginia

Four years ago my father David Williams purchased 40 acres in Nottoway County, VA. It had everything a whitetail loves — thick pines, hardwoods and swamp land. The only problem was we really didn’t have a spot that could be cleared out for a nice food plot. Ten acres became available the next year that adjoined our land and we bought it. In no time dad had a bulldozer in there and cleared two acres for a food plot.
Boy, was that the right move! We planted Imperial Clover. There is no clover planted anywhere near our property, and when the deer found it, oh my gosh, it was unbelievable. Now all my dad and I wanted to hunt was the food plot! This hunting season coming up will be three years of having the clover and it still looks great! We also planted a small patch of Winter-Greens last year, and when the weather got cold the deer tore this stuff up! We have started seeing more deer now and bigger bucks. I let a trophy get away from me during muzzle loading season, but that same week I was able to harvest a nice 9 pointer! Dad also took a nice 8 point in the food plot during late season at 4:15 pm eating our clover. Thanks for all your help anytime we have called asking questions about our food plot! And to everyone else who has a small tract of land like we do, plant yourself a food plot. It works! Here is a picture of the food plot in its early stages and the 9 point buck!