Thomas Baker - New York

We live in western New York and have 80 acres surrounding our home. We purchased this property about 10 years ago at which time I tested the soil where I planned to create food plots. After several tons of bagged, pelletized lime and many aches and pains later, I finally got the pH at a level I was comfortable with. Now came the challenge of what to plant! “So many products” and “so many claims.” After about three years a friend of mine put me on to Imperial Whitetail Clover which has worked extremely well as a year round perennial, sustainable crop. I still had the challenge of what to plant in a 2-acre plot I had dedicated to plant an annual. I tried other Whitetail Institute products which have worked well to build a sustained deer population, but none has worked as well as Winter- Greens and Tall Tine Tubers. The attached picture taken the end of January this past year, shows the Winter-Greens food plot and the effort the deer make to dig for them even in the harshest conditions. There were 27 deer in the food plot but they were too spread out to get them all in one picture. I thought the photos would be interesting because most pictures are usually of deer standing in lush, green plots with no effort to eat.