RONALD MICHAEL - Mississippi

I’ve used Whitetail Institute products for 10 years and have seen an increase in the number of bucks on my property as well as increase in both antler and body size. I began by using Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack Plus and this year added the No-Plow, Winter-Greens, and Tall Tine Tubers. I’m a firm believer in year round food plots and Whitetail Institute products have worked exceptionally well. I live and hunt in northeastern Mississippi and have killed one deer with a gross score of 165 7/8 inches, and I’ve seen several more in the 140 to 160 class since beginning the use of Whitetail Institute products. I’m also attracting and maintaining a healthier doe population and thus I’m growing and attracting a better buck population. I’m a believer in Whitetail Institute products for growing, attracting, and maintaining a healthy deer herd. Also my turkey population has skyrocketed!