Mark Hoffman - Wisconsin

I own 68 acres in Central Wisconsin. I bought the land in October 20 years ago. The next year I hunted it and there were a lot of deer. Small bucks, does and fawns were prominent at the time. I was lucky in the next few years if I saw an 8-point with a 12-inch spread. About 10 years ago I cleared one square acre of land somewhat in the middle of my property. I planted Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack. They grew fantastically. Two or three years later with my bow I shot a 140-inch 8-point with an 18-inch spread and a weight of 186 pounds.
I have seen several bucks that are 8- to 12-pointers with 18-inch spreads every year. I also shot a 10 point 137-inch buck, 183 pounds two years ago. Deer are fewer now because the DNR wants the numbers down, but I still see great bucks every year. I have used Extreme, Chicory Plus, No-Plow and Winter-Greens with good to excellent results. Cutting Edge Optimize is the best. The deer just gobble it up and you can see it really works on all deer. This coming year I can’t wait to try Tall Tine Tubers. Thanks Whitetail Institute for the great products that really grow bigger and healthier deer. Keep up all the great work. Enclosed are the pictures of the two of the deer that I mentioned earlier.