I first started using Whitetail Institute products on some family owned property. We immediately started seeing more deer in the areas of the food plots. I have used almost every product Whitetail Institute has but the deer really seem to favor the Imperial Whitetail Clover for year round use. Pure Attraction is also one of my favorites. It seems like the deer just can’t get to the Pure Attraction plots quick enough once we get the first hard frost of fall. My largest buck to date, a 172-inch 12-point, was shot only a few yards away from the first plot of Imperial Whitetail Clover I ever planted. I’ve been blessed to take a few nice bucks over the years since I began using these products (see the enclosed photos) and there are still more showing up every year.
My wife took her first buck with her Hoyt this past season from a blind overlooking a Chicory Plus plot. The mineral sites are a great location for summertime photos. Everyone using Whitetail Institute products says the same thing: More and better deer are seen after using their products. I whole-heartedly agree. We will be using them for a very long time. Keep up the awesome work and research Whitetail Institute.