Kurt Sanders - Indiana

My cousin and I started using Whitetail Institute products two years ago after hunting many years and seeing just a few deer on our property. We hunt a 100 acre plot of land that has 40 acres of agriculture and 60 acres of thick woods. We decided to put two small patches of Imperial Whitetail Clover in different areas of our woods. The result the first year was we saw more deer. Lot  of younger bucks. We were both able to harvest a couple of 130-class bucks that were our biggest to date. The following spring, we enlarged our patches and planted Imperial Whitetail Clover in the spring and Winter-Greens in the fall. We had many trail-camera pics of lots of does and three good shooter bucks. One in particular I was able to harvest was this huge 8-point the last weekend of our archery season coming off the food plot. I would like to thank God and I also thank Whitetail Institute for the many great products.