From the Bunker: Are you on the sideline or in the game?

By Steve Scott

Imagine it’s April 2014 and law enforcement is knocking on your door to confiscate all your guns. You see, civil unrest across the country became uncontrollable in 2012 leading up to the election. The liberals in D.C. used it as an excuse to crack down on gun owners, passing legislation that effectively eliminated the Second Amendment. Of course they used the same old “never let a crisis go to waste” method of scaring enough people into believing that taking guns away from all Americans was best for the safety of society. 

Here’s the question for you. Would you pay $35 for those at your door to go away so that you could keep your firearms and continue to protect yourself, your family and your property? Of course you would. I sure as heck hope you would. Roughly a third of Americans own guns, but some naively believe that nothing could ever happen to take their guns away. Or perhaps they’re just lackadaisical, with the false sense of security that the Second Amendment has been there for “us” for over 200 years and always will be there. If you’re one of these folks, then you need to get your head out of the sand and get some skin in the game, because there is strength in numbers. There are an estimated 80 to 100 million gun owners in America, yet only four million of these people are members of the NRA. That means there are 76 to 96 million people letting the four million “tote the mail.” What the heck is wrong with you people? This has to change, because the anti-gun crowd is working everyday on ways to minimize and eventually eliminate our Second Amendment rights. For $35 a year you can be a member of the NRA, the most effective group in the country at preserving our Second Amendment rights. I honestly don’t understand how at least 75 percent (really 100 percent) of gun owners aren’t passionate members of the NRA. But anyway, let’s just say we can get half the gun owners in America to join forces with the NRA. That’s 40-50 million people. Imagine the effectiveness of such a massive group of passionate people. No politician (except the fringe liberal wackos) would ever even attempt to go near our Second Amendment rights. One of the only complaints I have ever heard about being a member of the NRA is that they send all kinds of mailings asking for donations. So what? Do you have a trash can? The donations they ask for are to help pay for the fights that the NRA fights against the anti-gun crowd. But if you don’t want to donate more, that’s fine. But get off the sideline, and spend the $35 a year to join the NRA and encourage others to join us and help continue to fight the good fight so the NRA will be even more effective. Remember there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

Become an NRA member:
Phone: 877-NRA-2000
Mail: NRA Processing Center
P.O. Box 420648
Palm Coast, FL 32142