Chris Yaritz - Wisconsin

Enclosed is a picture of my 11 year old daughter Emily with her first deer, a 4 point. She took this buck with a .243 at 70 yards during the WI youth hunt. The conditions were far from ideal. We had 82 degree temps and 30 mph winds, but the deer couldn’t resist our Winter-Greens field. We saw five does, a fawn and another 4 point pile into the field during some of the worst hunting conditions. We have been using Whitetail Institute products for about eight years now with great success. So far, we have used Winter-Greens, Whitetail Forage Oats Plus, No-Plow, Chicory Plus, Extreme and Whitetail Clover. The deer are growing bigger and healthier. Since we are in the snow belt of WI, it’s very important to get our deer in as good of shape as possible before winter. We are drawing deer from miles away. I may need to expand another acre or two just to keep up with the demand. I’ve tried other brands, but nothing compares to Whitetail Institute products. They are all I use now. Also, notice the back tag in the front. Emily was a little excited and got the shirt backwards. She also created her own custom camo pattern you see on her shirt. I GUESS IT ALL WORKED OUT!!!! Thanks Whitetail Institute for providing a great product and unbelievable service.