Chris and Benjamin Consler - New York

Enclosed please find a picture of my son’s first deer, taken over food plots using Whitetail Institute products. We were sitting in a stand overlooking two plots of Winter-Greens and a plot of Imperial Whitetail Clover. The field had numerous scrapes around it and deer were using the plots on a regular basis. This buck showed up and checked several scrapes along the field and then came out into the plots to check a button buck that was feeding in front of us. My son made a perfect broadside 24-yard shot on the buck! He was so excited he asked me to hold his bow so he could sit down! I have used Whitetail Institute products for some time now at several hunting properties and they work great! I am most fond of the Winter-Greens as it makes for some awesome late season hunting. There is no doubt that these products help increase hunting opportunities on a property. Thanks very much Whitetail Institute for the great products!