Casey Allen Jr. - Louisiana

It was Sunday, Dec. 19, my Poppy (grandfather) and I were doing an evening hunt before we went to the Saints party at the clubhouse. It was about 4:20 p.m. and from the four-wheeler road out came the prettiest 8-point buck I ever saw. I took aim and hit him with a spine shot. Boy did I get a rush, I was shaking so much Poppy got out of the stand and went to check things out for me. I had him. An 8-point that weighed 134 pounds! I had just turned 10 years old on Dec. 1 and it felt great to kill my first buck and receive my initiation from the guys in the club. My Poppy is a member of the Mullins Swamp Hunting Camp, and I have tagged along since I was two. Of course I was too small to carry a gun then but my Poppy was training me. I paid attention, listened closely, and watched everything everyone did to learn how to kill a deer. I was rewarded with my first deer being an 8-point. My parents, Casey, Sr. and Holly Allen, had my deer mounted and placed over my bed where when I enter my room I get the thrill of reliving that buck moment.