Todd Fisk — Indiana

Let me start by saying if you’re not using Whitetail Institute products, you’re missing out. I started using Imperial Whitetail Clover 10 years ago on my 36 acres and have had great success with it. Body size, antler mass and antler scores have increased drastically.
Overall, deer have gained body weight and overall health. It has changed deer travel routes to visit food plots daily so when the rut kicks in you know where to find the deer! I have also started using PowerPlant the last three years with great success! Three years ago I harvested a 9-point with 21-inch spread scoring 154. Two years ago I harvested a 9-point with 24-inch spread scoring 167. Last year I harvested a 10-point scoring 156. I’m very anxious for the coming hunting season. I will be adding a fall planting of Winter-Greens. Thanks Whitetail Institute for your incredible product line.