Scott Reedy — Ohio

 As a new hunter, I was advised by friends that if I was going to hunt my property, the only food plot to plant was Imperial Whitetail Clover. I began my first season ever hunting whitetails in southwestern Ohio and scored a nice mature 8- point buck with a crossbow. I observed many deer throughout the season. As I prepared for this past season, I expanded my food plots with more Imperial Whitetail Clover and Double Cross and developed a hit list that included at least eight different mature bucks.
I harvested my second mature buck, this time a 9-point again over an Imperial Whitetail Clover plot. Given the fact that I’m a novice bowhunter, I credit the food plots as the primary reason I have been successful. I have been very happy with Whitetail Institute products and look forward to expanding the plots for next season. I have included a few pictures of my hit list.