Gavin Eurish — Illinois

I sat in the stand where a friend had a 160 class 8-point come out two years ago and there were five big scrapes around it. There were six deer in the bean field to my left. After about 20 minutes of watching what would be my buck chase does in the field he decided to follow a doe over to his scrapes. I took a shot at him from about 10 yards but the nock on my arrow fell out and sent the arrow flying in the wrong direction. He ran about 200 yards, but I stayed still, and the doe stayed out in front of me. All of a sudden I saw him turning around and coming back to that doe. He came in to about 30 yards, and that’s when I shot him. He weighed about 275 pounds and had two tines broken off of his main beam. That’s okay because I got my first whitetail.