David Mandravelis — Maine

Since using Whitetail Institute products the deer in my area seem to stay right in the same area, not traveling very far from my two little food plots. This buck is the second deer that I was fortunate enough to shoot that has made the Maine record book. Maine does not have a lot of deer, but we do have some nice ones and many go over 200 pounds dressed out.
Unfortunately, the forest in Maine is not managed for a better herd. Much of the land in my area and further north has been logged in excess, with many deer yards overcut. Over the years, the yearly deer harvest has gone down while the wood harvest has gone up. If it weren’t for Whitetail Institute products, I don’t think I would have the few deer that are left, on my property feeding in my food plots. Thank you Whitetail Institute and keep up the great service. This buck had 10 points and a rough green score of 157. He was shot while making a scrape on the edge of my Imperial Whitetail Clover food plot.