Clint Freeman — Arkansas

I first used Whitetail Institute products last year on a farm I have permission to hunt. The farm is a small 100-acre tract surrounded by hardcore deer hunters who shoot anything. I knew my only chance was to keep as many deer on the 100 acres as possible, so I planted two small plots of No-Plow and Secret Spot in the fall. I was amazed how many deer spent much more time on the property, and I was actually drawing more bucks in.
My buddy killed his two largest bucks ever off the farm last year. I unfortunately missed when the opportunity came my way. This past fall, we decided to see how much better Whitetail Institute products were compared to the ordinary brands you can find at the local co-op. So we planted half our plots in “store bought” turnips/rape/oats. The other half were planted in Whitetail Institute Winter-Greens and No-Plow. The difference was unreal. The deer ate the Whitetail Institute down to almost the dirt. The store-bought stuff is still standing-uneaten. I am convinced! This past rifle season, I killed my biggest buck ever on a No-Plow plot. He was with a doe that was eating in the plot. He scored 165. This year we have more bucks showing up every week and can’t wait to plant this spring. Thanks Whitetail Institute for such great products.