Barry Valk — Wisconsin

I had to pass on a story about my son Tim's first youth hunt in Wisconsin. Just to give you a little background about him as he is unique in a lot of ways. He is an 11-year old very modest boy who is extremely kind and never shows very much emotion. He is a very responsible and a straight A student in school. In Wisconsin every year for the past few years, they have what is called a youth hunt where a child from the ages of 10 to 15 can go rifle hunting with an adult without going through hunters’ safety. You get a buck tag and a doe tag for $7 and this past weekend was the youth hunt. So, with that being said here is his/our story from this last Saturday.

 I have two Whitetail Institute food plots. The first one is on my top field where I have 1.5 acres of Chicory Plus which I planted four years ago and about .5 acres of Winter-Greens. This food plot is on a 10-acre field where the farmer has corn planted and I have an insulated blind where we stand. My son Tim and I were in the stand around 6 a.m. on Saturday. Temperature was around 65 degrees with a 20 mph wind (not very good conditions for hunting around here). Around 6:30 a.m. when it started getting light we saw a 6-point buck which was out in the field eating Chicory and clover and around 6:45 a.m. he moved over in front of our blind at eight yards eating Winter-Greens. My son shot him at eight yards and the buck only ran 20 yards. I am enclosing a picture of his buck. It is not a huge buck, but at age 11 it's a monster, and Tim held my 30-06 and shot it by himself. It gets better as the day goes on.

Not that shooting a 6-point buck wasn't a great achievement, but it was to be Tim's day. I coach his tackle football team and we had to be back at noon for his game. At his game we won 16-6 against a pretty good football team. However, it was Tim's turn to be our halfback for the first half on Saturday. and he ended up scoring both of our touchdowns and a 2-point conversion. One touchdown run was for more than 65 yards and he ran the ball right up the middle. However, it doesn't end there. That afternoon we went back out hunting to try and fill his doe tag on my bottom food plot where I also have another blind. There I have one acre of Pure Attraction and one acre of Winter-Greens mixed with some beans. Also, the farmer put a row of beans all around the outside of my food plot and another nine acres of beans he had planted to the right of the food plot. We sat there most the afternoon into the evening, and as evening  approached we watched a 2-1/2-year-old doe work her way from 168 yards away from one of the food plots all the way through to the Winter-Greens until she was only 20 yards broadside from the blind. Tim took the gun and shot the doe right through the front shoulders, and the doe only went 10 yards and dropped in the food plot. Totally amazing! What a day for a very proud dad and son. I want to send thanks to Whitetail Institute for the awesome products from a very happy dad!