We have been using Imperial Whitetail Clover for almost 10 years now. We have added a couple of acres each year. We have seen the health of our herd bloom ever since. The bucks get bigger racks and we have a low mortality rate for our young deer. They visit our four 30-06 Mineral sites daily.
We have tried other products in the past but the deer will walk right through those plots and feed in our Imperial Whitetail Clover. I am planning to add some Winter-Greens and Tall Tine Tubers to my food plots. Enclosed are some pictures of the deer we have harvested off our property. We have taken a couple of really nice bucks each year. Using Whitetail Institute products along with thinning (culling) our doe herd has helped us create a deer hunting paradise. My dad, Terry Pickens, on the right in photo, took his deer with gun, and I have taken all of mine with a bow. Left to right the deer scores 10-point 143-inch, 8-point 133-inch, 8-point 136-inch, and 9-point 132-inch.