My hunting group and I are very blessed to hunt 742 acres in north-central Indiana. We have 10 to 12 acres of Whitetail Institute food plots planted. We also have four 30-06 Mineral licks spread across our farm. We have been practicing let them go, let them grow for eight years now. I harvested the buck
in the photo on one of our food plots. We have seen more big bucks and more deer overall since using Whitetail Institute products. We have taken 8 big bucks to date. We had a fantastic season this past year. We harvested four bucks that ranged from 130 inches to 160 inches. Things are looking bright for the future as well. Great things do happen when you provide quality food plots and you don’t take small bucks. It will work if you can be patient. Shoot the does for meat and let the small bucks walk. Thanks Whitetail Institute for great products.