Mike Meisberger — Indiana

We started using Whitetail Institute products about six years ago and have been extremely happy with the results. On our 150-acre farm in Indiana we have approximately six acres of food plots. The majority are in Imperial Whitetail Clover (approx. four acres), the remaining two acres are a mix of Alfa-Rack, Extreme and Winter- Greens. Deer use the plots year round, and they are a magnet for deer activity. Not only do we see more deer, but body weights and bucks’ antler size are getting better each year. The photo attached shows my last four bucks killed.
All on or near Whitetail Institute food plots on our property. We have tried several different seed companies and varieties but none seem to have the attractiveness of Whitetail Institute products. Thank you for the products Whitetail Institute and we look forward to using them in the future.