Michael Unser — Illinois

I have been using Whitetail Institute products for several years now and swear by them. The quality of deer on our food plots has increased since using these products. The average body weight has increased considerably in bucks and does. The core of my food plots is Imperial Clover, and I plant Winter-Greens or Extreme around the edges.
This year, we have already harvested four nice bucks off of these food plots, two during the Illinois youth season. My 12-year old cousin Jamie harvested his first buck ever, a nice 8-pointer and my 14-year-old son Craig harvested a nice buck with 13 total points and a body weight of 190 pounds that was feeding in an Extreme food plot. Then during the first gun season, Jamie’s dad, Mark, who was deer hunting for the first time ever, harvested a nice 11-pointer that tipped the scales at 208 pounds. Then to top off an already great season Jamie the next day harvested his second buck of the year; very nice 9-pointer. All of these deer were harvested in Whitetail Institute food plots. Then on the final afternoon of Illinois’ shotgun season, my older son, Cody, harvested a nice doe in the Imperial Clover, and I was able to close out the season by harvesting a nice 10-pointer weighing in at 200 pounds. Thanks to Whitetail Institute for the products. Thanks very much.