Jim Boyce — West Virginia

I took this picture and several others, from my tree stand last season, and I let him walk. He was with a doe, and as hard as it was to do, I let him walk so he could pass on his genes. I’m really seeing a huge improvement in antler growth
and body size the five to six years I’ve been using Whitetail Institute products. I honestly never thought I’d see deer of this caliber in this area. I saw a deer four days ago that was bigger than this one.
It might be the same deer with another year of growth. I’m really excited about what’s happening on our property. I planted Winter-Greens for the first time this past year, and I can’t believe how well it did and how the deer came to it every night. The same was true with the No-Plow I put out. I’ve had Imperial Whitetail Clover out for quite some time. Thanks Whitetail Institute for the products and the good results.