Imperial Chicory Plus... An Ally in the Drought Wars

Are you looking for a way to keep your Imperial Whitetail Clover going all year even through the hot, dry months of late summer and early fall? If you are planting in a flat or slightly sloped area with heavier soils, you need look no further than Imperial Chicory Plus. Field Testers in many areas of North America were very unhappy with Mother Nature last year, and that was certainly the case here in central Alabama. Last year, we received abundant rainfall through early spring. Thereafter, though, it just didn’t rain, and by August we were in a severe drought.

Thankfully, Imperial Whitetail Clover is exceptionally drought- and heat-resistant. And, it even has a built-in defense mechanism that can help it survive hot, dry weather that could kill other clovers outright. In hot, dry conditions, Imperial Clover can slow forage production to protect itself. Usually, it returns to vigorous health as soon as cooler weather and rain return. 

Over the past few years, many Field Testers in different areas of North America have been hit with those same conditions. To make matters worse it happened in late summer and early fall, right when natural forage availability is at one of its lowest annual points and the natural forages that are still available are usually stemmy and of little utility to deer. To help our Imperial Whitetail Clover customers keep their plots at high production even during times that approach drought conditions, the Institute developed Imperial Chicory Plus. The main component of Chicory Plus is WINA-100 Brand perennial forage chicory, which as we said earlier is highly drought-resistant and vastly more palatable and attractive to deer than chicories traditionally planted for deer. Also included in Chicory PLUS is Imperial Whitetail Clover, featuring the proprietary Advantage and Insight clovers engineered by the Whitetail Institute specifically for deer.

For many of our Field Testers, Chicory Plus has been the answer to Mother Nature’s tantrums of late summer and early fall. When Mother Nature is kind, the clovers and WINA-100 chicory in Chicory Plus offer exceptional palatability, nutrition, attraction and variety. And when she decides to turn up the oven and shut off the water in late summer and early fall, the chicory helps keep our Field Testers’ plots full of highly attractive and nutritious food during one of the critical periods when natural forages are scarce and of little utility to deer.

So, if you have enjoyed Imperial Whitetail Clover and are looking to provide your deer with both variety and additional drought resistance, look no further than Imperial Chicory Plus. It has proved itself a worthy ally in the drought wars of recent years.

What you need to know about Imperial Chicory Plus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

• Main component is WINA-100 perennial forage chicory.
• Contains Imperial Whitetail Clover.
• Highly drought and heat resistant.
• Creates variety within the same plot.