We plant approximately six acres of Winter-Greens and they far surpass other companies seeds! My father and I both killed mature bucks this year. Mine was a 150-inch (photo 1)

A Labor of Love...and Payback Time

By Gerald Almy

Glancing at the white farmhouse, I wondered what my neighbors would think if they saw the commotion where I was tilling a food plot that August afternoon. The plume of dust, which rose like smoke above me, must have looked like a scene from Dante’s Inferno. And the noise from the old diesel tractor as it rattled, clattered and banged into rocks in drought-parched dirt was no doubt deafening if you didn’t have ear plugs in, like I did.


 I own land on the Minnesota River in western Minnesota. This past fall while hunting over an Imperial Whitetail Clover food plot, I heard a soft, slow step coming through the woods. It finally came through with its head all the way to the ground in very thick buckthorn. It was a large 8-point about 20 yards from the stand.

Deer Suckers and Antler Builders A Guide to Product Identification

By Matt Harper

One of the major goals of a marketing group is to create a story or feeling around a product that is so appealing, the consumer believes their life would be better if they rushed out and purchased said product. If the consumer already has a deep passion for whatever the product will be used for, a small promotional push promising success is normally all it takes.

Small Property Success — Whitetail Ghost Town to Island Oasis for Deer

By Jordan Howell

Most of us don’t have the luxury of hunting huge tracts of private land managed for whitetail deer. Instead, we hunt small farms owned by family or friends, and our trips to the woods each fall are usually limited by work and family obligations.


 Where I hunt is about 1/2 mile up on the mountain near a national forest. Since starting to use 30-06 mineral supplement several years ago, I have noticed healthier deer and better racks.

Upfront Investments Yield Big Deer Hunting Dividends

By Scott Bestul

I honestly don’t know how much time I log creating, prepping, planting and maintaining food plots every year. Let’s just say that between five properties in Minnesota, another in Missouri, and some occasional work in Wisconsin, a large part of my spring and summer is devoted to growing deer food.