Where I hunt is about 1/2 mile up on the mountain near a national forest. Since starting to use 30-06 mineral supplement several years ago, I have noticed healthier deer and better racks.

Upfront Investments Yield Big Deer Hunting Dividends

By Scott Bestul

I honestly don’t know how much time I log creating, prepping, planting and maintaining food plots every year. Let’s just say that between five properties in Minnesota, another in Missouri, and some occasional work in Wisconsin, a large part of my spring and summer is devoted to growing deer food.


We have numerous plots of Imperial Whitetail Clover we have planted and been maintaining on our 300 acres for about five years now. The deer stay in them all the time, and they bed close to them also. We have killed two other big bucks over one specific Imperial Whitetail Clover plot, and we have noticed a huge increase in the number of deer on our properties since planting these plots.

Spring Plantings Offers Powerful Benefits

By Jon Cooner

All Whitetail Institute perennials can be planted in spring in most areas. The same is true of two Whitetail Institute annual forage products, PowerPlant and No-Plow. Planting food plots in spring can be an outstanding option if you accept that it takes commitment to do it right.


Five years ago, my family was fortunate enough to purchase a small 25-acre parcel of land in North Dakota. The property is situated in the middle of a winding valley that cuts its way through open crop fields and pasture land.

Win the Antler Growth Lottery With Help of Whitetail Institute Mineral and Nutritional Supplements

By Jon Cooner

I’m not a betting man, at least as far as lotteries go. The reason is simple: Lottery odds are ridiculously long, and it makes little sense to risk my hard-earned money in a system that’s set up so I have almost no chance to win. In the same way, antler size is also largely a gamble if left entirely to Mother Nature, because most areas don’t offer enough high nutrition food for bucks to grow the biggest antlers they can. The antler-growth game, though, is one I play, because I can stack the odds in my favor. And the way I do it is with the help of Whitetail Institute mineral and nutritional supplements.

Turkey Select – Top-Quality Perennial Chufa for Whitetail Institute Customers

By Whitetail Institute Staff

Since it first opened its doors in 1988 the Whitetail Institute has stuck like glue to its core business — developing the very best food plot products for deer. That being the case, you may wonder why the Whitetail Institute now also offers Turkey Select, a chufa food plot product that’s specifically for turkeys. The answer is that offering Turkey Select is simply another way Whitetail Institute goes the extra mile for its customers who manage their properties primarily for deer. However, turkeys are second behind deer on the list of game animals our customers manage, and Turkey Select allows Whitetail Institute customers to take advantage of the Institute’s excellent contacts in the seed business and provide them a source for high-quality chufa seed.