BARRY POPP - Michigan

 I’ve been using Imperial Whitetail Clover for about 15 years. The Arrest and Slay herbicides help my weed control a lot. The clover attracts a lot of deer and turkeys. I never used to see so many turkeys and deer; they really love Imperial Whitetail Clover. The deer have bigger antlers and it’s fun to sit in my blind and watch all the animals. The buck activity has really increased a lot. I have also informed my friends and they also love Imperial Whitetail Clover. All my neighbors complain because I draw the deer to my land. I also killed a 178-inch deer last year. 

Choose Hunting Partners Wisely

By Richard Bernier

In our enthusiasm and zeal to capture the biggest whitetail or fill the meat pole with numerous fine stags, have we perhaps misplaced the things that matter most in life? Has the quest to fulfill our whitetail desires become so consuming that little else can satisfy us beyond another dead pile of deer flesh beneath our feet?

A Message From Ray Scott Soil Tests Save Money and Time

There is great news for us food plotters. Fertilizer costs are coming down after last year’s skyrocketing prices when we saw even the most basic fertilizers increase as much as 400%. As a consequence many food plotters just didn’t fertilize or cut back on what their fields needed to thrive.

Chris Sneed - South Carolina

I wanted to be sure that my 8 year old son, River, would see plenty of deer and not get bored with sitting and seeing nothing so I planted a small food plot with Imperial Clover and oats. We did not get to our stand until 4:45 p.m. but we saw our first 2 does at 5:20. This nice 8-point came to our food plot just after 6 p.m. River missed clean on his first shot but the deer did not run out of the food plot. His second shot was true at 145 yards. By the way, we were hunting within a few miles of the city limits. However, with the food plot, it is absolutely unbelievable how many deer we are holding on a small piece of property 

Pat Cope - Pennsylvania

Here is a photo of my 8-year-old son Andrew’s first buck. He practiced shooting his 30-06 with 125 grain low recoil all summer long. Deer season rolled around and he could not wait to go hunting. I got him up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready. We headed to our stand around 6:45 a.m..

Gibson Stuart - New York

Last November, my dad and I decided to see if we could go get a deer before the season ended. It was cold and it was raining. We ate breakfast and got our hunting clothes on. We got our guns and set off into the woods. Towards evening we found a good spot where we knew they would be bedded down, behind the Imperial Clover field.

Tyler and Raven Becnel - Louisiana

 Ninety percent of my hunting lease is heavy swamp with a few high areas along the road. I cleared about an acre of small trees and shrubs and established a food plot last spring. I started seeing some good signs of deer activity right away. In September I planted No-Plow and Winter-Greens. As the vegetation grew I was getting some great shots on my trail camera. The plot also gave my daughter the chance to kill her first deer. Now she is hooked on hunting and wanting more.