TEXAS Extreme for Extreme Conditions

Robert Valasquez lost use of his legs about 10 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passion for hunting. The Texas hunter planted a food plot of Extreme, a Whitetail Institute perennial blend, in September in North Texas; and even though there was very little rain, the plot did well. It was this plot and Valasquez’s hunting dedication that helped him bag a very nice buck.

New Arrest Max Selective Grass Herbicide Newest generation herbicide is “technological marvel”

By Whitetail Institute Staff

Controlling grass is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your Whitetail Institute and most other perennial forage stands remain as thick, lush, nutritious and attractive as possible, and that they can last as long as they are designed to last. The Whitetail Institute’s new Arrest Max is the newest generation of selective grass herbicides designed to help you do just that — and even better than original Arrest.

Spend a Nickel to Save a Dime … and Time

By Bill Marchel

My initial attempt at planting food plots to attract deer and other wildlife to my 70 acres located in central Minnesota was futile. Looking back, I now realize I wasted money — and more importantly valuable time — by trying to take shortcuts during my early planting efforts.

Imperial Whitetail Fusion A match made in heaven

By Whitetail Institute Staff

If you’re one of the thousands of Chicory Plus fans, then you already know what an outstanding performer it is. And you also know that it owes its reputation to the complementary nature of its perennial components, Imperial Whitetail Clover and WINA-100 Perennial Forage Chicory. This year, Chicory Plus has been renamed “Imperial Whitetail Fusion” for several reasons. As you’ll see, you can be sure that Fusion offers all the performance of Chicory Plus, and more!

Superior Sunn Hemp Formula Boosts Benefits of Popular PowerPlant

 By Whitetail Institute Staff

 Have you ever wondered why the Whitetail Institute only offers one annual food plot product specifically designed to deliver massive amounts of protein for deer during spring and summer? The reason is simple: No competing spring/summer annual food plot product we’ve tested can match the tonnage of palatable, high-protein forage that PowerPlant provides. The Whitetail Institute’s Research and Development Department is always working on new products and finding ways to make existing products even better. In this article, we’ll look at why PowerPlant is already the top performer in annual food plot products designed for spring and summer protein delivery, as well as how the Whitetail Institute has raised the bar even further.


By Charles J. Alsheimer

Trying to make contact with a company for product information, technical support or placing an order is not what it was years ago. Fact of the matter is it can be downright exasperating. The all-too-typical scenario when trying to reach a company today is that the phone rings several times, the phone picks up on the other end and you hear a recorded message that goes something like this: