My first experience with a Whitetail Institute product was in 1989 when I planted six acres of Imperial Whitetail clover. It was a beautiful stand of clover, and we enjoyed seeing lots of deer using it throughout the summer. That fall after just one season of growing the clover, my son, David Stine, harvested a really nice nine-pointer. Since that early exposure to the Whitetail Institute and its product in ’89, it has been my pleasure to be a yearly field tester for the Institute.

Simple Soil Test Helps Ensure Top-Notch Food Plots

By Tracy Breen

 Putting in successful food plots is similar to baking cookies. If you want the cookies to turn out, a specific recipe must be followed. Cutting a corner by omitting a critical ingredient can cause the quality of the cookie to suffer greatly. A food plot is similar. For a food plot to turn out, a series of steps must be taken to ensure success. The single best way to increase the chances of having food plot success is by doing a soil test before you plant. A soil test is like having a recipe in your hand, because when you receive the soil test results and recommendations, you will know exactly which ingredients will be needed to ensure a lush food plot.

Family Adventures: It's the Little Moments That Matter

By Brad Herndon

It was 3 p.m. as Steve Brewer and his son, Jessie, eased toward their food plot. After pushing a few stakes in the ground, Steve placed a mesh camo blind around them and he and Jessie settled in. An hour later a doe fawn ventured into the field about 50 yards away. Jessie had practiced with his 50-caliber muzzleloader often during the summer, so this doe was well within the nine-year-old boy’s shooting range.

Ryan Woller — Wisconsin

9 years ago we purchased 60 acres. The land was primarily non worked farm land. Shortly afterwards I began planting food plots after my brother in law introduced me to Imperial Whitetail Clover. He showed me 2 plots on his farm. One was planted in Imperial Whitetail Clover and was 3 years old and one that was standard clover from a coop.

Steve Scudder - Indiana

I started using Whitetail Institute products more than 10 years ago on a property that I had that didn’t have any agricultural fields nearby. I wanted something to attract deer and that would benefit them. I started out using Alfa-Rack and was impressed beyond belief with the attraction and the difference it was making with the body and antler size on the deer.

Richard Bilger — Pennsylvania

My friend’s and I have been using Whitetail Institute products for the past eight years in Central PA and in NY. For the last two years I’ve been after a monster here in PA. I had many trail pics of him the last three years. At the end of August I knew I had to do something to keep the does in my area and not in the cornfield. That’s when I decided to plant Whitetail Oats Plus.


 For the past three years whitetail management has been a priority on my 180-acre farm located in Maine. Using Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chicory Plus as the bulk of the food plots along with Winter-Greens for late season attraction, we’ve watched the deer population on the property increase steadily.