Work the soil and plant the seeds -- GOD will repay

By Charles J. Alsheimer

 I’d hate to think how my life would have turned out had it not been for the whitetail deer. It has enabled me to do some very special things. For more than 35 years, this animal has allowed me to be immersed in the hunting industry and hunt and photograph it throughout North America. But more important, the whitetail has made it possible for me to meet some incredible people. One such person is Steve Chapman, of Tennessee. He’s a musician, award winning songwriter and best-selling author of more than 26 books.

Keep Whitetails Close By Providing Optimum Living Conditions

By Bob Humphrey

 Sitting in my tree stand, I was texting a friend from up North who had inquired how my deer season was going.

Imperial Winter-Greens and a BIG WISCONSIN BUCK

By Brad Rucks

Have you noticed the power of a new food plot? From my observation, deer hit new plots harder than established plots. I cannot explain it except that whitetails are creatures of curiosity. I experienced firsthand the power of a new plot this past fall. Deer started checking out the plot as soon as the herbicide turned the vegetation brown. Then with each step of creating the food plot, more activity occurred.

Benefits of Planting Perennial Plots in the Fall

By Gerald Almy

 Like many land managers, when the last day of the hunting season arrives, I immediately start thinking ahead and planning how I can work the land during every free minute. I usually have woods projects, such as hinge-cutting trees and creating cover, thickening up a potential travel corridor or planting a few shrubs in a thin staging area. I might need to remove rocks and branches at some fields and update soil samples or apply lime or fertilizer at others.

Imperial Whitetail Tall Tine Tubers Tested to be the Best Even Through the Dead of Winter

Is Tall Tine Tubers better than other turnip products as a food plot planting for deer? If better means the only turnip product ever specifically developed for deer, the answer is yes.

Spring Weed and Grass Control Vital to Perennial Forage Maintenance and Fall Success

By Jon Cooner

 Bucks and perennial food plots have something important in common during spring and summer: They require your attention and a little work to make sure they’re in top form when fall rolls around. Just as it takes protein, mineral and vitamin supplementation during spring and summer to help bucks grow the biggest racks they can, it takes some work to make sure your perennial food plots stay as lush, attractive, nutritious and weed-free as possible. One of the most important steps in perennial forage maintenance is to keep grass and other weeds in check. Whitetail Institute herbicides are specifically designed to help you do that.

Life’s Roads: An Acknowledgment of Blessings

By Matt Harper

 Life is often compared to a journey that’s full of crossroads, where the directions you choose to travel will lead you on a meandering adventure that can change at the next fork in the road. I don’t believe in chance or that life is completely random. That’s not to say that life won’t throw you curveballs now and then. However, if you have a destination in mind, you normally find yourself in that vicinity, regardless of how many turns and twists it took to get there. I’m also Christian, so I believe God is at work in our lives, and although the path might not seem crystal clear, with His guidance, the people and circumstances you encounter will shape your life’s journey in specific directions. These are called blessings, and I’ve had an abundance of them. At the time, I might not have recognized some of those as blessings, but they were there.