NEVER A DULL MOMENT Nine things to do when you think you're caught up with your habitat work

By Gerald Almy

The fields are tilled. The seedbeds are smoothed. Tiny green seedlings are starting to pop up. Now it’s time to just sit back and wait for the food plots to grow and hunting seasons to arrive.


I have a 900-acre farm exclusively managed for wildlife. It is a 365 day/year obsession/hobby. I have managed my farm for over 10 years. We continue to produce one to two record book bucks every year or two. My kids are at the age of being able to hunt now. Payton is 14 and Nate is 10.

Springtime is Primetime...for Perennial Food Plot Work

By Whitetail Institute Staff

Even though deer hunting season is over, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about your perennial food plots. Controlling grassy and broadleaf weeds is usually easy, and you should do it in a timely manner to ensure that your perennials remain as lush and nutritious as possible, and that they last for as many years as possible. That’s why the Whitetail Institute offers Arrest and Slay, two herbicides specifically designed for food plots.

How to Maximize Performance and Longevity of Perennials

By Jon Cooner

 When it comes right down to it, we all want the same three things from our perennial food plots: we want them to be as attractive as they can be, as nutritious as possible, and last as long as they should. For that to happen, one of the things we have to do is keep weeds in check. In this article, I’ll show you that the very same comprehensive, balanced approach to optimum weed control also helps maximize the attraction, nutritional content and longevity of your perennials.

Whitetail Institute Products Help Produce #1 and #2 Pope & Young Whitetails in Wyoming

By Mike Schmid

 I purchased the Solitude Ranch in Fall 2001. This land, in the shadow of Devils Tower, is full of whitetail deer, an animal that I have enjoyed chasing for more than 25 years. I had a lot of reasons for making an investment like this, but one in particular was to try my hand at managing these fascinating critters.


 Six years ago my wife and I were fortunate enough to purchase a small 50-acre farm in south central Ohio. It was approximately 25 acres of wooded areas and 25 acres of pasture. I had dreamed my whole life of being able to hobby farm and manage my own hunting area. I immediately scouted it and hung stands. Five years ago I planted three Imperial Whitetail Clover food plots and have harvested nice bucks every year. The first and second seasons I shot two up-

Imperial Whitetail Clover Key to Family "Trifecta"

By Cody Altizer

I remember the afternoon surely and clearly. It was one all deer hunters and managers dream about. Temperatures were cool and cloudy with perhaps a light drizzle, but considering the time of year, weather made no difference in my game plan.