CUSTOMER SERVICE is truly Extraordinary at Whitetail Institute The strobe light says it all

By Hollis Ayres

 The Whitetail Institute’s business has grown exponentially since it was founded more than 25 years ago and the reason is two-fold: First, the Whitetail Institute makes the very best products it can and second, it provides extraordinary customer service. Much has been written in these pages about the exhaustive scientific research, development and testing it puts into product quality, both by the Institute itself and the thousands of hunters and managers who have seen the real world results Whitetail Institute products are designed to deliver. But below, we’ll also take a deeper look at the role customer service continues to play in the Whitetail Institute’s ongoing success.

Take Time to Plan Your Approach

By Bob Humphrey

 I’m meticulous about the way I hunt, particularly the stands I hunt from, leaving as little as possible to chance. That’s partly why I ask so many questions when on a guided hunt. I’m sure I’ve annoyed my fair share of guides and even offended a few. But I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the most emphatically ugly; and until I spend a little time with the guy, I don’t know which category he falls into.

What's New with No-Plow? New forage components make best-selling No-Plow even better

By Whitetail Institute Staff

Designed to deliver excellent attraction and nutrition in fully prepared seedbeds or with minimal ground preparation, Imperial Whitetail No-Plow is one of the Whitetail Institute’s most successful and long running products. With all that, what more is there to say? How about, “Now, No-Plow is even better with the inclusion of two new highly attractive and nutritious forages.”

Soil Tests Still the First Step to FOOD PLOT SUCCESS

By Hollis Ayres

All Whitetail Institute forage products come with planting dates and planting instructions on the package. Those are also available at The planting instructions are short and designed to be easy to follow. That means, though, that you should follow the instructions step-by-step and not cut corners if you expect to get the best results. Of all the factors that influence food plot success, other than using high-quality seed, none are more important than making sure soil pH is neutral (6.5 to 7.5) by adding lime to the soil if soil pH is low, and that any low levels of important nutrients in the soil, such as phosphorous and potassium, are brought up with fertilizer.

Kris Klemick - Pennsylvania

“For decades, we dabbled with products that produced mediocre results. Since using Whitetail Institute products these last few years though, the change has been like night and day! We have a much healthier herd, a lot more deer and racks that quite simply, never existed and are unheard of for our area. These two pictures are a perfect illustration of what Whitetail Institute products can do for people! The first one is the 8 point I harvested 3 years ago. This has been our standard buck for decades, both in terms of body and rack size.


Finally Oct. 21 arrived. I worked until 1 p.m., came home and got ready to hunt. On the way to the property where I was going to hunt, I stopped and showed a friend the picture of the buck I wanted to get. I told him I was going up that afternoon to try and get him. This stand was located on the edge of a group of hardwoods, overlooking a field
of goldenrod. 


By Gerald Almy

Question: Have you checked the trends in the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record books during the past 20 or 30 years? If you have, you’ve probably noticed something stunning. There has been an explosion of whitetail deer entries starting about 10 years before the turn of the century.