Today's Trophy Trends

By Brad Herndon

Deer hunting is exciting and especially so when you’re trying to kill your first trophy whitetail. Back in the 1980s, I remember opening the pages of a hunting magazine and reading about The Magic Triangle in Illinois. My eyes lit up as I read about a triangle of counties in west-central Illinois that were producing quantities of some of the highest scoring deer in North America. As you probably have, I could imagine myself posing with one of these magnificent animals.

Ken Ferrari - New York

Just wanted to say thanks for the No-Plow blend. I put it in August 18 and I shot my biggest buck ever in November. He is a nice 10 pointer.

Mike Smith - Nebraska

Whitetail Institute, you’ve done it again! Thanks to the Whitetail Institute for the outstanding products, I am happy to report a very successful deer season. I have enclosed two photographs as proof of the benefits the Imperial Whitetail Clover has afforded my sons and I.

John Stanton - Missouri

Property was purchased in April of 2002.

Cindy Mulvey - Missouri

 With only forty acres and limited farming equipment as well as lengthy droughts it was essential for my husband and I to find a wildlife food plot that would fit our needs and most importantly attract wildlife from our neighbors’ rich farmlands.

Nate Zeroth - Minnesota

 I planted Alfa-Rack in spring of 2002. I have seen more deer and have had many encounters with deer while bow hunting.

Victor Domke - Michigan

I had a new spot to hunt last year next to a power line. I tried No-Plow under the power lines. Even this year with dry weather and poor soils, enough came up to help funnel deer past my stand. I was lucky enough to get this 10-point. He had 5 smaller bucks with him.