Six years ago my wife and I were fortunate enough to purchase a small 50-acre farm in south central Ohio. It was approximately 25 acres of wooded areas and 25 acres of pasture. I had dreamed my whole life of being able to hobby farm and manage my own hunting area. I immediately scouted it and hung stands. Five years ago I planted three Imperial Whitetail Clover food plots and have harvested nice bucks every year. The first and second seasons I shot two up-

Imperial Whitetail Clover Key to Family "Trifecta"

By Cody Altizer

I remember the afternoon surely and clearly. It was one all deer hunters and managers dream about. Temperatures were cool and cloudy with perhaps a light drizzle, but considering the time of year, weather made no difference in my game plan.

Honeybees Big Things Come in Small Packages

By Jon Cooner

Honeybees play a critical role in the Whitetail Institute’s development of new plant varieties for food plots for deer. In fact, the Whitetail Institute couldn’t do it without them. The importance of bees is vastly broader than just forage research, though. It would be impossible to overstate how critical bees are to life as we know it on Earth.

Imperial Whitetail PowerPlant Improving Antlers by the Numbers

By Jon Cooner

It’s pretty simple, folks. If you want the bucks you hunt next fall to be carrying larger antlers, you’ll need to supply them with lots of palatable, protein-rich foliage during the spring and summer. And no other competing product the Whitetail Institute has ever tested beats Imperial Whitetail PowerPlant for doing exactly that.

Revitalize Food Plots with Frost-Seeding

By Scott Bestul

My dad likes to tell me stories from his boyhood, and my favorites almost always involve some aspect of farm life. One in particular involved an uncle known for odd behavior and antics that made most of the family think him mildly, if not completely, “touched.” Dad recalled this uncle, walking around in snow-covered fields and pastures, working a hand crank seeder. Naturally, planting seeds in the snow only fueled the poor uncle’s already suspect reputation and elevated his potential as a candidate for one of the state institutions nearby.

Minerals, Minerals, Minerals...

By Matt Harper

“Look at the mass on that brute. He’s got Coke cans coming out of his head,” my buddy said. My over-excited buddy was looking at some trail camera pictures from a card we had just pulled on a camera set up overlooking a mineral site on my farm.

GERRY NUTT - Michigan

 We have been using Whitetail Institute products for six years now and the deer on our property have benefited tremendously. Not only in body size but also antler size and we are seeing more does with twin fawns than in the past. We have implemented a year round food plot strategy which includes our hunting plots. Chicory Plus is one of our main plots. The deer love it. We also plant Imperial Whitetail Clover, No-Plow, and Tall Tine Tubers and have several 30-06 Mineral sites. You be the judge. See the pictures of my daughter’s deer harvested on the property. Thank you Whitetail Institute for a great product. Keep up the good work.