Robert Velasquez - Texas

 I shot this nice buck as he was entering a field of Extreme. I planted this plot at the end of September here in North Texas and even though we have had very little rain since the plot has been growing nice. Apparently the Extreme utilizes the morning dew as a way to get moisture. Texas has been in somewhat of a drought this year. I have a little 165-acre ranch in North Texas that sits against the Brazos river about 15 miles north of Possum Kingdom Lake. Ever since we started planting Extreme we have been seeing more big bucks like this one. This is my third year planting Extreme. I am going to try Power Plant in the spring. I am in a wheelchair due to an accident I had about ten years ago but with the help of a good buddy we've constructed ground blinds over looking several food plots. This year was my lucky year I finally got a shot off on a nice buck and was able to harvest him. I have been trying to establish a good plot rotation on the property and so far it seems to be working great with your products.