Edward Lockwood - Maryland

I am sending you a photo of the buck my 12 year old nephew, Hunter Lockwood shot with a bow last November. This buck was shot only 50 yards from a 2 acre Imperial Whitetail Clover plot. It’s the first deer he has taken with a bow. We took another buck that scored 135 Pope & Young. I would just like to let you know I have been using your products since 1988. I use Imperial Whitetail clover, No- Plow, Secret Spot, and 30-06 Minerals. I do not know any better way to show you how good your products work than this picture. I have three Pope & Young bucks on the wall myself and a lot more just missing the books. I would just like people to know, if they use your products and let the small bucks walk, they too can have a chance at one like this