Cindy Mulvey - Missouri

 With only forty acres and limited farming equipment as well as lengthy droughts it was essential for my husband and I to find a wildlife food plot that would fit our needs and most importantly attract wildlife from our neighbors’ rich farmlands.
After a lot of trial and error, we decided to try Whitetail Institute products, starting with the Imperial Whitetail Clover and Imperial Alfa-Rack since they appeared to fit most of our criteria – soil type, longevity, deer usage, and nutritional value. After adding lime to get our pH levels up, we are really starting to see more and more deer. Even though our neighbors have fields planted in alfalfa and clover, the products from Whitetail Institute are obviously more attractive to the deer, especially late season. The two photos are the Imperial Alfa-Rack’s first week of growth after we planted it and then three weeks later. You can see how well it grew.