Chad Daniels - North Carolina

After several years of owning our land, I finally cleared a 3/4-acre area for a food plot. I decided to plant Alfa-Rack Plus in the secluded food plot. Once the food plot matured, I was amazed by the amount of deer traffic and deer sign in the area, scrapes and rubs in places they were never in before. I was seeing 10 to 20 deer in the food plot in the evenings. October 14, 2005, turned out to be the best day in the woods I have ever had. I picked up my daughter, Lauren Daniels (age 7), from school and we rushed home to the stand overlooking the Alfa- Rack Plus. This was going to be the day she decided she was ready to try and harvest her first deer. Shortly after getting settled, a nice 4-point buck stepped out at 135 yards, and she made a perfect shot. What a day!! Thanks for your superb product, and we will continue to plant Alfa- Rack Plus. Enclosed is a photo of Lauren’s first deer.