GARY BRICKL - Wisconsin

 I started using Whitetail Institute products more than 20 years ago. My first purchase was Imperial Whitetail Clover. It attracted many does and fawns and higher caliber bucks like I’ve never seen before. Also tried Alfa-Rack Plus with the same results and enjoy the longevity of both of these products.
What can I say about the Winter-Greens other than its unbelievable. It’s almost too good the way deer feed on the plot, especially after a hard frost. I’ll have to expand the acreage I plant to accommodate all the dinner guest (deer from surrounding area.) These products make checking our trail cameras an obsession almost year-round, because of the way they attract the deer. Photo is the 15-point I took this fall with my bow which scored 172. Thanks for great products and your friendly customer service.