A Message from Ray Scott

By Ray Scott

As I browsed through my April issue of American Hunter this past spring, I came across a spectacular two-page spread of a beautiful buck in velvet, in a field of lush green foliage. When I read the headline “Deer Nutrition Comes of Age” and started reading the copy, I realized the article was about the Whitetail Institute. I remembered talking to editorial director John Zent a while back but never inquired specifically about his purpose — I talk to a lot of outdoor writers.
So the article was a delightful surprise and a terrific anniversary gift! American Hunter is one of the prestigious publications of the multi-million-member National Rifle Association, and I couldn’t have been more proud. The article was highly complimentary of the Institute and me. But I was more taken with the insightful and comprehensive way Zent covered the deer nutrition phenomenon and the good questions he posed. When you finished reading it, you were left with a clear understanding of what the Institute is all about and the effect improved nutrition has had on whitetail deer and the whole deer hunting industry. In talking about our 20th anniversary and the food plot revolution started by the introduction of Imperial Whitetail Clover, Zent points out “Tens of thousands of American hunters have become practicing conservationists by putting millions of acres into cultivation and deer hunting in general has reaped the benefit. Herds are healthier, and hunters have a better chance than ever of killing wallhanger bucks.” The article can be read by visiting www.whitetailinstititute.com. Thank you John Zent and American Hunter for a great Anniversary Gift!