Chip Swindell - Indiana

I had obtained permission to hunt a small thicket next to my house for the sole purpose of having a close place to take my 3-year-old son on his first hunting trip. We have always seen a few does around, especially in the summer, but during the hunting season they seemed to disappear. There just wasn’t anything to keep the deer around after the warm weather months. The thicket is just 5 acres.
It seemed the does would use it with their fawns but leave later in the year. I wanted to try to keep a few deer around into October and November so I could take my son hunting in a ground blind and see some deer. I decided to clear a 1-acre spot in the center of the thicket and plant some type of food. I did research and kept finding Imperial Whitetail Clover in stories and chat rooms so I decided to try it. I followed the instructions closely and was amazed at how well the Imperial Clover came in and grew. In fact, I couldn’t keep the deer out of it. By Oct. 1, I had a beautiful green clover field tucked away in a thicket. We saw so many deer it was unbelievable. But even more amazing was the number of bucks that showed up during the rut. We had bucks all over, even in our yard! I was able to take this buck on Nov. 7, with my son, from a ground blind next to our clover plot. It was a great time for me and my son. I’ll be using more Whitetail Institute products in the future. My wife was so excited about our new deer “honey hole” that she decided to hunt for the first time during gun season. She took a nice 8-point on Nov. 14. I’ve included a picture of her and her trophy as well. Thanks Whitetail Institute.