Randy Valentine - Virginia

Yes whitetail deer hunters you can make it happen. The dream of harvesting a true trophy buck can become a reality, a dream come true on small acreage hunting land. I have 25 acres and lease another 45 acres next to the 25 acres.
In my local area of Central Virginia the primary agriculture is raising beef cattle and timber. No crop production such as corn, soy beans and wheat. My Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack Plus draw deer like a magnet. Since 1999 when I planted my first food plot of Imperial Whitetail Clover I have had a big increase in sightings of mature eight and ten point bucks. A well maintained food plot is the key. Arrest and Slay herbicides have helped protect my investment. In the enclosed picture the food plot is three years old. This past summer weeds and grasses had almost taken over the food plot. By using Arrest and Slay I have almost eliminated the weeds and grasses. In turn the clover and Alfa-Rack plus have more nutrients and water and I have a beautiful food plot as shown in the picture. I have also noticed that the bucks’ racks have greater mass since I have been using Whitetail Institute food plot products. Yes deer hunters your dream can come true. Mine did. Thanks Whitetail Institute. You have made this past deer season unforgettable.