Chad Daniels - North Carolina

 I am sending this to let you know how impressed I am with the Extreme Product. I planted a two acre plot in Central NC and am pleased to send you this story and picture of my first P&Y deer. I was hunting over the food plot Monday, September 10th 2007. The temperature was 101 degrees but the bucks started pouring into the plot about an hour before dark. I had passed on four other bucks before this one came in on the same trail as the others. I noticed when I first saw him coming through the brush that he was a mature deer so I prepared myself for a shot. I drew as he got within 30 yards and made a good shot right behind the deer’s left shoulder. It was when he spun to exit the plot that I realized how big he really was. He ran across the field and piled up within 20 yards of the field. Thanks Whitetail Institute for a great product that works even in extreme conditions.