Message from Ray Scott The Art of Convenience

By Ray Scott
Convenience has risen to an art form in modern times. I am constantly amazed at the creativity and technology that saves time and energy for the 21st century. And today’s grocery stores have got to be the ultimate showcase for everyday “quick ‘n easy.” 

I know that convenience can be a dirty word in some nutrition quarters, so let me qualify my admiration for the kind of convenience that does NOT sacrifice quality. I’m certainly not talking about the chemical-laden “fake food” that some may describe as convenience foods. 

This topic really hit home when I made a rare store visit to get supplies for a big pot of Ray’s famous chili. The produce section was an eye-opener with all kinds of cleaned and prepped fruits and vegetables ready for use and/or consumption. I know I have benefitted from the freshly chopped onions and peppers that make my favorite pork chop dish so easy for my wife to prep. My wife loves them because she is the first to tell me she is no Martha Stewart. 

So all this food talk is bringing me to the subject of groceries for whitetail deer, more precisely convenience groceries for whitetails. I’m talking specifically about our best-selling No-Plow of course — the Whitetail Institute product that was introduced just a few years after our ground-breaking Imperial Clover. 

When it was clear that Imperial Whitetail Clover was going to be a landmark product for hunters and land managers, the requests began to flood in for a nutritious planting for deer that could be broadcast on the ground without the benefit of a lot of soil preparation and equipment. In short, a convenience food plot. 

Believe me, Ray Scott was at the head of the line to use No-Plow. My wife is no Martha Stewart and I am not Mr. Green Thumb. But I was one of the hunters who embraced the principles of quality deer management and knew that one of the best things I could do as a herd manager was to improve the whitetail diet with food plot plantings. Even if my time and/or resources were limited I still wanted to do the best I could. And No-Plow let me and thousands of field testers around the country do exactly that.

Since its inception, No-Plow has been a steady top seller. But you must know by now our professionals at Whitetail Institute headquarters are never content with the status quo. If a product can be improved they’ll do it. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with the new and improved No-Plow. 

Believe it or not, it’s better than ever! 

Our staff has the whole story on page 18. I urge you to read it because it’s an inspiring story of our continuing quest for the best and an example of the perfect marriage of convenience and quality for everyone who cares about nutrition for their whitetail.