Robert Adrian — Wisconsin

I live in northwestern Wisconsin, where there is no farm land. I have 88 acres, and most of the land around here is timberland and gets hunted hard, so I needed a way to keep more deer on my land. I started making food plots five years ago. I have three that are about 1/4-acre and two that are about 1 acre. I wanted the two plots that are an acre to be a perennial plot so I used Imperial Whitetail Clover. That worked great. My only problem was trying to keep the deer out so it could grow more.
 This year, I changed these two plots to an annual so I could add a lot of lime to make my soil pH better and I planted PowerPlant. It looks great. I wanted an annual plot on my smaller plots so I used Winter-Greens which was awesome, No-Plow and Secret Spot were great too. I have two spots that I use 30- 06 Mineral and 4-Play blocks and the deer are at these spots year round. To sum everything up, the best thing I ever did on my 88 acres was to use Whitetail Institute food plot seed and minerals. I draw in so many deer from the public land and hold them on my land. I have so many people that have seen my plots and say theirs don’t grow like mine and I tell them one thing: Use Whitetail Institute seed. Here is a picture of a buck I got last year during our gun season. I shot him on his way to my Winter-Greens plot. This is the eighth buck I got like this one in the five years of planting food plots.