Chad Hardt — North Dakota

Five years ago, I planted a brand of clover other than Imperial Whitetail Clover. It grew well, but it wasn’t attracting deer like I had expected. The next year, I planted a small plot of Chic Magnet about 50 yards from the clover. I was very impressed to see that the Chic Magnet would be loaded with deer, while the clover was empty. So two years ago I planted a couple of acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover. After it was a couple of inches high I was getting pictures of deer in it, sometimes a half dozen in one picture. 
Since I have been planting Whitetail Institute products I have been getting trail cam pictures of nice bucks all summer and fall, not just during the rut. Also, the last two bucks I have shot were my first Pope & Young bucks scoring 134- and 148-inches. One of them was shot in the clover. This year I planted Tall Tine Tubers and five weeks later they were a foot high! Everything I have planted from Whitetail Institute has had excellent results. I will without a doubt be planting more Whitetail Institute products next year.