No-Plow is Big Hit Wisconsin Opening Day

By Dan Hellenbrand

 Imperial No-Plow might be one of the Whitetail Institute’s oldest tried-and-true products, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t kept up with the times and then some.

No-Plow is often the only choice for hunters who don’t have farm equipment or enough time to plant food plots. That was the case for Dan Hellenbrand of Wisconsin on opening day of the  gun-deer season two seasons ago.

 “I told a friend that he should sit with me because I normally see a lot of deer," Hellenbrand said. "I saw a 130-class buck right away, but it was too far for my friend to shoot. The deer was headed right toward my brother, Tad. About 10 minutes had gone by, and Tad shot his first good deer, a 130-class 8-pointer.”

One big deer was down, but that wasn’t the end of the excitement. Hellenbrand was looking down the hill when he saw a big doe walking the hillside.

 “I told my friend to wake up (he had been sleeping), and that there was a deer walking right at him,” Hellenbrand said. “I was going to get it on camera—his first deer—but he was so excited he shot right when the camera was turning on. We were so happy that he got his first deer, when all of a sudden I looked over his shoulder and saw this big buck walking right where the doe was. So I put down the camera and grabbed the gun, and shot the 12-pointer. He fell right where he was walking. The deer green-scored 170 Boone & Crockett points. I would like to say thanks to the Whitetail Institute for Imperial No-Plow. Also, thanks for taking the time to listen to my story!”

Hellenbrand said the deer in the photo was shot on his dad’s land in Wisconsin. His father owns 80 acres that is mostly timber. Imperial No-Plow was his choice because Hellenbrand can’t get heavy equipment into the timber. No-Plow is also a great option because it's a proven seed blend. The annual blend not only attracts deer but gives them the nutrition that can help them grow large antlers. Another reason Hellenbrand chose No-Plow is because it doesn’t need a lot of attention after planting.

“Because it's all woods, I have been planting No-Plow for about five years in the center of my dad’s land,” Hellenbrand said. “No-Plow works great in that type of climate where summer rainfall just cannot be counted on. The land is also two hours away from where I live, so it is nice that I can use a product that does not need a lot of maintenance.”